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Spark Based Stratified Tuned Traction Control

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Requires V8.10.xxx.xxx.xxx or later


The Details

Here's what you can do for your existing tune with the STRATIFIED Flash/Custom Tune Adjustment:

  • Correct a mistake in your tuning form
  • Add STuned Crackles
  • Add STuned Traction Control
  • Add a Low Boost, Valet, or Anti-Theft slot
  • Add or change a slot with Limited Boost or Rev Limit
  • Add or change Shift Light RPMs or disable them
  • Add or remove 2nd gear torque limit
  • Change Idle, Flat Foot Shifting (FFS), Launch Control (LC), or Rev Limit RPMs
  • Change Throttle Mapping
  • Adjust any Fault Codes
  • Separate a COMBO Tune into individual tune files


To determine which version and what features are in your current tune, please refer to the following standard:


The Options


5-Way Map Features (SWITCHABLE):

SWITCHABLE on the fly.

These will be applied to the SPARE MAP SLOTS you have remaining on your tune as a result of choosing your specific Fuel Configuration. CHOOSE WISELY. 

Low Boost/Eco Slot: We setup a low power (15 psi) map in a spare map slot for economy/winter/poor conditions/limp home.

Valet Slot: With great power comes great responsibility. In this mode the primary rev limiter is set to 3,000 rpm and limits boost to 10 psi.

Limited Boost or Rev Limited Slot: Limit boost or limit how high your car can rev for any map slot of your choice. Specifics will be asked in the tuning form after you place an order.

Anti-Theft Slot: In this mode the car will start for a second and then very quickly shut off. *** If selected this will always be in the last SPARE MAP SLOT***

Example 1:

  • 5-Way Map Features: Valet + Anti-Theft + Limited Boost or Rev Limited Slot
  • Fuel configuration: SINGLE COMBO FILE: 91 (slot 1) & 93 (slot 2) & E30 Mix (slot 3)

        Resulting map slot configuration:

Slot 1 – Performance Map 91 @ 18 psi Boost Limit
Slot 2 – Performance Map 93 @ 6500 RPM Rev Limit
Slot 3 – Performance Map E30 @ 20 psi Boost Limit, 6400 RPM Rev Limit
Slot 4 – Valet
Slot 5 – Anti-Theft

Example 2:

  • 5-Way Map Features: Valet + Anti-Theft + Low Boost
  • Fuel configuration: SINGLE COMBO FILE: 91 (slot 1) & 93 (slot 2) & E30 Mix (slot 3)

Resulting map slot configuration:

Not engough maps slots. Please remove one 5-Way Feature.


Extra Options (NON-SWITCHABLE):

CANNOT be switched via map slots on the fly. APPLIES FOR ALL MAP SLOTS.

Custom Shift Lights: You can either set your shift light to turn on at a certain RPM or you can disable it completely! Specifics will be asked in a questionnaire sent via email after you place an order.

2nd Gear Torque Limit: Want more traction in 2nd gear? We can limit the torque for you here so that you don't burn through your tires!

Idle RPM Change: We can also change your idle RPM. This is particularly useful if you're running stiffer motor mounts to eliminate unwanted vibration during idle. Specifics will be asked in a questionnaire sent via email after you place an order.


STuned Crackles (NON-SWITCHABLE):

CANNOT be switched via map slots on the fly. APPLIES FOR ALL MAP SLOTS.

This feature adds crackling/burbling sounds to your exhaust while coasting down in gear. The frequency and intensity of the sounds highly depend on your current engine speed during lift off and most importantly: YOUR EXHAUST SETUP.

Recommended: Aftermarket Turboback Exhaust

NOT Recommended: Stock Turboback Exhaust or Catless downpipe WITH stock catback

Each crackle option comes with an additional TUNE FILE.

This additional TUNE FILE will be used to Enable/Disable crackles. You must reflash from your original tune to the additional tune and vice versa.

**We have not tested all exhausts for sound quality nor do we have any data on the long-term effects of this feature on the catalytic converter. However, we have found that exhaust gas temperatures have stayed relatively the same and catalytic converter temperatures had no significant increase compared to having no crackles.**

Check out our videos demonstrating STuned Crackles:


STuned Traction Control: 

Can be enabled/disabled using the Accessport menu. The intensity (or mode) of the traction control can be customized to your liking using. KEEP IN MIND THE SYSTEM WILL REVERT BACK TO 'OPTIMAL' MODE 1 EVERY TIME YOU START YOUR CAR.

The guys and gals at COBB have implemented an ignition retard traction control system. The OEM traction control works based on applying the brakes and closing the throttle. The COBB system works by reducing output via ignition timing reduction when wheel slip is detected. It is a slick system and it works all the time while enabled on a tune. More about it here. 

To further enhance the Stratified driving experience, we have refined this system by making our very own STuned Traction Control calibration. 

  • Allows for the perfect amount of slip allowing the driver to modulate their pedal input without too much intrusion from the ECU
  • Proven to maintain adequate traction while keeping the driving experience exciting
  • Perfect for rainy seasons and clean launches 

Check out our video demonstrating STuned Traction Control:


Throttle Mapping: 

CANNOT be switched via map slots on the fly. APPLIES FOR ALL MAP SLOTS.

Does not affect power. Only affects how your car will react as a result of your accelerator pedal input.

Linear: The classic Stratified feel; Smooth and Predictable.

Aggressive: 'Punchier' feel at the pedal; Smooth and Predictable with a little more kick.





  • Model: Mk3_FoST_FT_Adjustment
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  • Manufactured by: Stratified Automotive Controls

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