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2013+ 5door Ford FiestaST Support

How to Get Started on a Stratified Tune:

- First, make sure you have the Cobb AccessPort installed. If you do not have a COBB AccessPort, we can provide you with a brand new COBB AP bundled with the tune at a discount.

- Make sure all the modifications on your car are installed correctly and the vehicle is running without mechanical issues.

- Read what you get as part of the tuning package at the bottom of the page.

- Select the correct options for your tune, and purchase the tune. If the tunes are sold out, new tuning slots are usually opened up at the beginning of each week.

- Once you purchase the tune, you will be emailed and asked to complete an online tuning form. Your tuner will review your submission before beginning the tuning session. 

Now on to the details ...

The Fiesta ST is a global performance vehicle that is both potent and lots of fun to drive. The 1.6l is a perfect match for the weight of the Fiesta and it makes for one of the most engaging FWD cars to drive period! The ST is turbocharged and uses an advanced direct injection system as well as dual variable valve timing - as far as production vehicles go, the ST EcoBoost is cutting edge. The control system to make all this work is both powerful and complex with massive capabilities. 

With an engineering background, years of experience tuning direct injected, turbocharged vehicles and the help of the COBB AccessPort, we are able to offer a comprehensive tuning service for your ST that ensures performance, drivability, and safety.

One of the great aspects of modern vehicles such as the Fiesta ST is that unlike the old days, you don't need to take the car to the dyno to tune it. It comes with a stock wideband sensor, very sensitive knock sensors, and high resolution logging of all the engine parameters. This allow us to not only make changes to the tune - but to actually see how the car behaves in the environment that it is driven in! Having data available from the road coupled with our experience on the dyno and on our own development vehicle gives us a perfect picture of how your ST performs as we progress through the tuning process.  


Our professional and COBB certified tuners can tune a vehicle locally as well as remotely - anywhere in the world!

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and our consultation service not only ensures your car is running at its best - but that you also know your vehicle better at the end of the process. 




What you get:

A one-on-one Professional Tuner with hundreds if not thousands of hours of experience on the Fiesta ST engine and platform whom you can contact via e-mail or phone.
A tune that is refined specifically for your car, your modifications, your gas quality and your goals. 
You and the tuner share maps, data logs, and you tell your tuner how you'd like the car to drive, address issues of concern, and work towards your power, safety, and drivability goals.
The tuner will send you new maps that you flash on the vehicle and then send datalogs as well as feedback on how the car drives and runs.
Remember that your tuner has a lot of experience so if something doesn't look right or if issues pop up, they will be able to pick these out and alert you as well as offer possible solutions.
Your tuner can also recommend parts and modifications that will help you achieve your desired goals if changes need to made to your car's current setup. We can supply pretty much any parts for the vehicles we support and tune so let us know if you need any parts.

This process goes on until you and the tuner are satisfied with the results. A standard tune has a 4 week timeframe but accommodations can be made to suit your and your tuner's schedules. Each option you add (secondary maps, big turbos) extend the tuning time by an extra week. Our goal is to respond to your datalogs/questions within 48 hours. Sometimes we get very busy and if the tuner is not able to meet this deadline, the tuning time is extended to finalize the tune. We are driven and passionate about achieving excellent results for your tune. Due to this every map iteration during the tuning process will be carefully built to be drivable and safe while building up to the final product. If there is an emergency or an unexpected result that needs immediate attention, contact us through our online form for a more immediate response. 

Part changes during the tuning process: Your car should have all the parts installed and working well before starting the tune. Sometimes, during the tuning process, you will need to change a part that affects the tune and requires some back tracking. If a part that affects tuning is changed, there is a top up tune charge.

The Options:

Here are some of the options and features that allow you to further customize your Stratified Custom Tune.

Map Slot Options:

Map Switching: We take advantage of the COBB AP's map switching utility allowing you to select from up to 5 different mapsCOBB Map Switching. Rolling map switching can be enabled to allow you to switch maps on the fly while you are driving.

Flat Foot Shifting: This feature allows you to shift without lifting off the accelerator pedal. You may select which RPM you would like this to be activated at.

Launch Control Settings: We can setup different launch control RPMs. Both Fuel Cut and Throttle Cut Launch Control are included and set at the same RPM. Street tire cars have this set up between 2500 and 3500 RPM. 

Valet Mode: With great power comes great responsibilty. In this map map we set the primary rev limiter to 3,000 rpm (or whatever RPM you desire as well as cutting boost to 10 psi (or whatever limit you wish).

Custom Rev Limiter: We can set Rev Limiters to whichever RPM you desire, it does not need to be the same in all Map Slots.

Custom Boost: We can set a maximum amount of boost for a particular slot for you with this feature. Keep in mind that this won't allow you to exceed the maximum boost levels that your car can handle safely.

Low Boost: We can setup a low power (15psi) map for winter/poor conditions/limp home.

Anti-Theft Mode: At your request we can set the fifth map slot to be an anti-theft map instead of a high performance map. With this map flashed the car will start for a second and then very quickly shut off.

*** Anti-Theft Disclaimer*** If you enter anti-theft mode at any time, it will shut off the car. If you select the options for Rolling Map Switching as well the Anti-Theft mode there will be no protection to stop you from switching into Anti-Theft mode while driving. This leaves open the possibility that you may accidentally shut off your vehicle while driving. 

Other features:

Check Engine Light Clearing: We can clear any check engine lights which may arrise from modifications such as a cat-less downpipes. 


Please refer to the following infographic to customize the strength of your traction control:

The guys and gals at COBB have implemented an ignition retard traction control system. The OEM traction control works based on applying the brakes and closing the throttle. The COBB system works by reducing output via ignition timing reduction when wheel slip is detected. It is a slick system and it works all the time while enabled on a tune. More about it here. We have further refined this system making our very own Stratified Traction Control which enhances the driving experience that the generic COBB system takes away. From our experience our 'Optimal' setup has proven to be the best mode for maintaining adequate traction, but also keeping the excitement of the driving experience. Our calibration allows for the perfect amount of slip allowing the driver to modulate their pedal input without too much intrusion from the ECU. Perfect for rainy seasons!

Custom Shift Lights: You can either set your shift light to turn on at a certain RPM or you can disable it completely!

2nd Gear Torque Limit: Want more traction in 2nd gear? We can limit the torque for you here so that you don't burn through your tires!

Idle RPM Change: We can also change your idle RPM. This is particularily useful if you're running stiffer motor mounts to eliminate unwanted vibration during idle.

Exhaust Crackles: Extra exhaust pops and crackles for your Fiesta ST! However we have not tested all exhausts for sound quality nor do we have any data on the long-effects of this feature on the catalytic converter. For off-road use only at your own risk!

Any further questions - please feel free to Contact Us. Please remember to check your email for the online Tuning Form after you have purchased the tune. This document tells you how to take required datalogs and the tuning form inside the document must be completed prior to starting the tune itself.









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