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The Coolingmist Universal Water-Methanol Injection (WMI) kit with Autloearn failsafe is a system that was designed for the safety minded customer that wants an easy to install system with the most comprehensive failsafe on the market. Coolingmist spent many months developing a system that promises to change the way you think about complicated failsafes and hard to install systems. A traditional failsafe typically use flow sensors that often fail in the field and require the user to manually setup the safe operating range of the system. This causes many frustrating false positive triggers of the failsafe that forces users to shut off the failsafe altogether defeating its purpose. 

The Coolingmist failsafe works by monitoring the pump duty cycle ('how hard the pump is working'), and this provides a reliable method of determining any potential problems with your WMI system without having to place a sensor in the water/methanol stream. In the event of a leak or burst line the WMI pump will require less power and the failsafe will recognize this thus triggering a fault code. If your nozzle becomes clogged the opposite will occur, the pump will need to work harder, and the failsae will recognize the higher demands and trigger another fault code. 

With the Coolingmist Universal Failsafe kit you are protected from low flow (25% duty cycle) to full system flow (100% duty cycle) and all points in between. In addition to that the Coolingmist system has an industry first AUTOLEARN feature. Install the system and it will learn you operation parameters automatically.

Stratified Auto Big Turbo Ford Focus ST with Coolingmist Failsafe Gauge

Why Do I Need WMI?:

Depending on where you are in your modifications path your need for WMI will change. Primaily there are three major benefits that a WMI system provides:

1) Cooling the Intake Charge: As the Water-Methanol mixture is sprayed into your intake, it absorbs energy from the hot air. Since energy and heat are one in the same, the result is a cooler intake charge which basically benefits every aspect of a modified car. Cooler air means lower cylinder temperatures and denser air, with lower cylinder temperatures the vehicle is less likely to knock. You can read more about the benefits of cooling the intake charge here:

2) Increased Octane: Aside from supressing knock by lowering the temperature of the incoming air, water-methanol injection goes one step further to keep knock at bay. By injecting methanol you are taking advantage of methanol's high octane rating, and this gives a result similar to that of mixing E85 in your tank. If you live in one of the many areas with less than optimal fuel, WMI is an excellent choice for getting the most from your modifications. 

3) Increased Fueling: Both the Mazda DISI and Ford EcoBoost motors feature high pressure direct injection fuel systems. These systems are great for efficiency but finding injectors and replacement pumps is often very hard or impossible. Both cars can be taken to around 400whp before hard to find or expensive fuel components are needed. In order to get past these power levels, you will need an external fuel source and Water-Methanol injection is the simplest method to get this fueling while also increasing cooling and octane. 

Below is a comparison of how much power we were able to safely gain by adding the WMI kit to our GTX2867 powered Focus ST on the stock fuel system and 92 octane pump fuel. You will need tuning to take advantage of the WMI system and we are more than happy to help you out with that!. Just Contact Us!


For ultimate safety we recommend pairing your Coolingmist Failsafe with a Statified Guardian Angel. By connecting the Guardian Angel trigger wire to the Coolingmist Failsafe trigger your motor will be saved from a WMI system failure. This is especially important if you rely on your WMI system to provide fueling or if your tune is too aggressive for the base fuel.



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