2007-2013 Mazdaspeed3 Custom Tune

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Mazda 3 Port Boost Control Solenoid

Guardian Angel overboost protection with VTA feature

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How to Get Started on a Stratified Tune:

- First, make sure you have either the Cobb AccessPort or VersaTuner installed. If you do not have these tuning tools, we can deliver these to you along with any other aftermarket parts you may need for your Mazda. Please Contact Us.

- Make sure all the modifications on your car are installed correctly and the vehicle is running without mechanical issues.

- Read what you get as part of the tuning package at the bottom of the page.

- Select the correct options for your tune, and purchase the tune. If the tunes are sold out, new tuning slots are usually opened up at the beginning of each week.

- Once you purchased the tune you will be contacted via email and asked to fill an online tuning form. Your tuner will review your answers to the tuning form before beginning the session:

Now on to the details ...

The Mazdaspeed3/MPS3 and Mazdaspeed6/MPS6 vehicles are very potent and stand alone in terms of price, performance, and technology. They were some of the first vehicles to offer a turbocharged direct injected engine (DISI) and the control system is both powerful and complex.

It has taken years to uncover the potential of the platform but now - with the availability of powerful flash tuning solutions such as the Cobb AccessPort and VersaTuner, the end user has limitless tuning capabilities at their finger tips.

One of the great aspects of the MazdaSpeed/MPS vehicles is that unlike the old days, you don't need to take the car to the dyno to tune it. It comes with a stock wideband sensor, a very sensitive knock sensor, and high resolution logging of engine parameters and calculations that allow you to not only change the air fuel ratios and ignition advance - but to actually graph the performance gains!

The question becomes how do you properly change the 160+ tuning tables to obtain a safe and powerful tune for YOUR modifications and vehicle?

This is where we come in. Our professional tuners can tune a vehicle anywhere in the world thourgh datalogs or even live, remotely on a dyno. We've been part of the platform development since the beginning, are certified Pro Tuners, and we're here to help you achieve the most from your vehicle and tune - remotely or in person!

We're dedicated to customer satisfaction and our consultation service not only ensures your car is running at its best - but that you also know your vehicle better at the end of the process. 

Below is a dyno comparison between our custom tune (red) and a COBB Stage 2 OTS (off the shelf) tune (blue) on the same vehicle with the stock turbo and and exact same modifications on the same dyno. This customer was thousands of miles away and we worked with him to achieve excellent results. There just isn't any other modification that is a bigger "bang for the buck" out there and that also ensures the safety of your engine. Read more on our blog and see some more dyno results.

To sign up and get tuned, all you need to own is one of the tuning solutions - either the Cobb AP or the VersaTuner from VersaTune. Once you have made payment we will be in touch with how the tuning process will happen within no more than 24 hours.

What you get as part of the tuning package:

- A one-on-one Professional Tuner with hundreds if not thousands of hours of experience on the Mazdaspeed/MPS engine and platform whom you can contact via e-mail or phone.
- A tune that is designed specifically for your car, your modifications, your gas quality and your goals.
- You and the tuner share maps, data logs, and you tell your tuner how you'd like the car to drive, address issues of concern, and work towards your power, safety, and driveability goals.
- The tuner will send you new maps that you flash on the vehicle and then give them feedback.
- Remember that your tuner has a lot of experience so if something doesn't look right or if issues pop up, they will be able to point these out if they show up in the engine data. 
- Your tuner can also recommend parts and modifications that will help you achieve your desired goals if changes need to made to your car's current setup. We can supply pretty much any parts for the vehicles we support and tune so let us know if you need any parts.

This process goes on until you and the tuner are satisfied with the results. A standard tune has a 4 week timeframe. Each option you add (secondary maps, big turbos) extend the tuning time by an extra week. Our goal is to respond to your datalogs/questions within 48 hours. Sometimes we get very busy and if the tuner is not able to meet this deadline, every day they are late, your tuning time will be extended by two days. 

Part changes during the tuning process: Your car should have all the parts installed and working well before starting the tune. Sometimes, during the tuning process, you will need to change a part that affects the tune and requires some back tracking. If a part that affects tuning is changed, there is a top up tune charge

The Options:

Please select the correct options when purchasing a tune for your vehicle. Below is a description of what each option entails.

Non-Stock Turbo: Any turbo other than the K04 (such as a big turbo) will require more fine tuning. This requires more time. The tuning time is extended by 1 week (7 days). Cost: $50.

Alternative Fuel Map (E85/race gas/methanol): Alternative fuels such as E85 have some great performance benefits. If you'd like an additional map built for an alternative fuel, the tuning time is extended by 1 week (7 days). Cost: $50.

Secondary map for special purposes (Auto-X, winter): This is if you'd like a second map that is based on the original but built for a special purpose such as Auto-X with lower boost, or for winter. The tuning time is extended by 1 week (7 days). Cost: $50.

Mazda 3 Port Boost Control Solenoid: This is a plug and play  Stratified 3 Port EBCV product which is discounted when purchased along with a tune. This is a great way to control boost on larger turbos or if the OEM solenoid breaks/fails.

Stratified Guardian Angel Overboost Protection with VTA Feature: This is our Guardian Angel that not only prevents engine damaging overboost, but it also allows you to run your BPV in VTA mode without taking a hit in driveability.

Any further questions - please feel free to Contact Us. If you are a VersaTuner customer please remember to read The Tuning Instructions below after you have purchased the tune. This document tells you how to take required datalogs and the tuning form inside the document must be completed prior to starting the tune itself. Customers using the COBB AP will be contacted via email shortly after purchasing their tune. 

**VersaTuner Tuning Instructions**






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