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The current version (as of November 3, 2015) is 6.0. If you purchased your tune before this date you can upgrade here.

Alternative fuels such as E85 have become a very convenient source for the high octane that turbocharged engines thrive on. The Ford Ecoboost motors are no exception and there are significant gains to be made from using ethanol blended fuels in both performance and reliability. Read our tech article on The Benefits of E85 for more information.


If you are on the OEM K03 turbo and want to try Stratified tuning using E85 fuel, we offer the Stratified E85 Flash Tune. Based on the information you fill in the online tuning form, you will receive a unique E85 compatible ECU flash that is customized to meet your needs via email within 48 business hours. 

The Stratified E85 Flash Tune is customized based on your modifications and setup preferences. Modifications such as Front Mount Intercoolers, Intakes, Downpipes, Cat-Back exhausts, and Bypass Valves all determine how the tune is setup. 

Please note that in the Ford EcoBoost vehicles a mixture of E85 and pump fuel must be used. Using only E85 is not possible due to fuel system limitations so E85 and premium pump fuel must be mixed when filling up. Fill-up procedures are described below. 

To further maximize the utility of your Stratified E85 Flash Tune we include several setup preferences to suit your needs. These include:

Is E85 good for my Ford EcoBoost motor?

- As long as the E85 and pump gas mixture is kept below E50 it is perfectly safe to run blended fuels in the Ford EcoBoost. We recommend reading our FAQ or our write up on The Benefits of E85 for more information. 

What do I need in order to run E85? 

These maps are safe to run on an otheriwse stock Ecoboost Ford Fusion. That being said, performance will increase as you add modifications such as intercoolers, intakes, exhausts, or by-pass valves. 

Filling up with ONLY E85 is not recommended and may cause deposits to form on the high pressure fuel pump. The target is to achieve an E30 mixture by mixing E85 and premium pump fuel.

The correct E85 mixing procedures are as follows:

1.       Drive the tank to near empty.
2.       Fill the tank with 3 US gallons (12 litres) of E85 fuel.
3.       Fill the rest of the tank with premium fuel.
4.       Flash the map and enjoy!

These maps are designed and extensively tested to employ our latest tuning strategies that we have spent countless hours refining. We have built in features that ensure engine safety, performance, and excellent driveability. The graph below presents a compairson between a 93 octane pump gas and an E85 blend, gains of 20-30 WHP are expected depending on the quality of the base fuel.

 Dyno Comparison of 93 Tune Vs E85 Blend Tune on Ford Focus ST EcoBoost Motor


The Stratified Flash Tune is not meant to be used with any bigger/aftermarket turbochargers.

If you are looking for a full custom tune the Stratified Custom Tune is the next step. The custom tuning process is a one on one experience with a professional tuner designed to fully optimize the tune for your vehicle through data analysis and feedback.

Here's how to order your Stratified E85 Flash Tune:

1. Purchase this tune which puts you in our system. You will be contacted within 24 business hours by a Stratified employee.
2. Once contacted, you will be asked to complete an online tuning form. 
3. After submitting the tuning form you will receive your E85 Flash Tune within the next 48 hours.





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