MazdaSpeed 3/6 BNR S3 Big Turbo + Custom Tune Package

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We are very excited to announce our partnership with BNR Supercars products. This allows us to offer you turbos packaged with tunes resulting in big savings for your big turbo projects! 
This package includes the BNR bolt-on turbo kit featuring the BNR S3 GT2871 turbo as well as a Stratified Full Custom tuneThe included tune is a single map tune for the fuel of your choice (91, 93, OR E85 blend), adding a second fuel map costs an additional $50.  
Big Turbo Prerequisites: 
1. The OEM 2 port EBCS cannot handle the needs of a bigger turbo. To properly control boost you will need a Three Port EBCV. We do not recommend running any mechanical boost controllers such as a manual boost controller. 
2. An upgraded BPV is neccessary to run a bigger turbo. The OEM BPV will crack open when surpassing 21 psi of boost pressure causing a loss in airflow and performance. This Article highlights the shortcomings of the OEM BPV. Contact Us if you'd like to include a BPV in your turbo order. 
3. A 3" or larger intake. OEM-sized intakes work well for the OEM MazdaSpeed turbocharger, however, they are inadequite for bigger turbos. Recommended is an intake with at least a 3" ID (Contact Us if you'd like to include an intake in your turbo order).
4. A 3 Bar MAP sensor. The OEM MAP sensor is only accurate to around 21 psi of boost. When tuning a big turbo we will surpass this figure so the 3 bar map sensor becomes necessary. BitWise makes a plug and play harness which makes this a very easy swap.
5. With great power comes great responsibility, protect your motor with a Stratified Guardian Angel. Although this is not neccessary to run a big turbo it is very wise to protect your investmet with the Stratified Guardian Angel. Over the years the GA has saved countless motors from dangerous overboost conditions. 
BNR Turbo Information:
This package includes an internally wastegated turbo that uses the GT2871 compressor wheel and has a flange designed as a direct-fit OEM replacement for your MazdaSpeed DISI motor (tuning and other supporting mods needed, READ THIS). The base turbo included in this package is the BNR S3 which is good for up to 400WHP on the MazdaSpeed DISI motor. 
The BNR kits are a complete bolt-on turbo package for the MazdaSpeed platform and come with every single nut, bolt, and washer needed for install on your MazdaSpeed Vehicle.
Here are some of highlights of the BNR Turbo Kits:
-GT2871 compressor wheel
-CNC machined turbine and compressor housings
-GT28 CHRA (center housing rotating assembly)
-High performance thrust assembly
-Upgraded turbine wheel
-Upgraded compressor housing
-Aftermarket adjustable wastegate actuator 16-27psi
-Balanced to or under .5 gram/in2
-Full set of replacement studs
-1 year warranty
NOTE: This turbo features a 2.36" inlet, which is different from the stock 2.16" inlet. You will need a different turbo inlet pipe or coupler. Other required modifications: must relocate boost control solenoid.
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