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Requires V3.00.xxx.xxx.xxx or later


The Details

Here's what you can do for your existing tune with the STRATIFIED Flash/Custom Tune Adjustment:

  • Correct a mistake in your tuning form
  • Add STuned Crackles
  • Add STuned Traction Control
  • Change Idle, Flat Foot Shifting (FFS), Launch Control (LC), or Rev Limit RPMs
  • Change Throttle Mapping
  • Adjust any Fault Codes


To determine which version and what features are in your current tune, please refer to the following standard:


The Options


Extra Options:

Idle RPM Change: We can also change your idle RPM. This is particularly useful if you're running stiffer motor mounts to eliminate unwanted vibration during idle. Specifics will be asked in a questionnaire sent via email after you place an order.


STuned Crackles:

This feature adds crackling/burbling sounds to your exhaust while coasting down in gear. The frequency and intensity of the sounds highly depend on your current engine speed during lift off and most importantly: YOUR EXHAUST SETUP.

Each crackle option comes with an additional TUNE FILE.

This additional TUNE FILE will be used to Enable/Disable crackles. You must reflash from your original tune to the additional tune and vice versa.

** IF YOU ARE USING OEM/FACTORY CATALYTIC CONVERTERS KEEP IN MIND THAT THE CRACKLES WILL DAMAGE THEM OVER TIME. AFTERMARKET CATALYTIC CONVERTERS WILL TEND TO HOLD UP BETTER. The crackles WILL NOT work for VTA (vent to atmosphere) blow off valve setups. We have not tested all exhausts for sound quality nor do we have any data on the long-term effects of this feature on aftermarket catalytic converters. However, we have found that exhaust gas temperatures have stayed relatively the same and catalytic converter temperatures had no significant increase compared to having no crackles..**

Check out our videos demonstrating STuned Crackles:





Throttle Mapping:

Does not affect power. Only affects how your car will react as a result of your accelerator pedal input.

Linear: The classic Stratified feel; Smooth and Predictable.

Aggressive: 'Punchier' feel at the pedal; Smooth and Predictable with a little more kick.









  • Model: MZSPD_FT_Adjustment
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  • Manufactured by: Stratified Automotive Controls

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