Flash Tune Fuel/Modification Update - Mk.6 GTI

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*** Datalog Refinements will adjust your tune for your
specific car. This means the tune may be changed for safety
and/or power based on the data collected in the logs.
Datalogging instructions will be sent via e-mail. ***

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This update requires us to re-make your tune from scratch. Please reselect the options that you had on your previous tune.

The Details

This update gets your tune version to the latest spec AND accomodates for your new modifcations and fuel types.

  • If you have no new modifcations and ONLY want to update you tune version to the latest spec click here.
  • If you want to keep your current version but want to add/change tune settings or features click here.

This update is for cars running the Stratified Flash Tune that want to tune for a different fuel type or have added new modifcations such as:

  • Intakes 
  • Exhausts
  • Intercoolers
  • Blow-off valves/by-pass valves
  • WMI (water-methanol injection) kits


Update History

Our current Flash Tune version (as of March 24, 2017) is 1.00.


The Options


Added Parts:

Bolt on parts such as intakes, exhausts, intercoolers, blow-off valves/by-pass valves are included in the base price. Only WMI kits have an added cost. WMI tunes come with complimentary Datalog Refinements at no extra charge.


Fuel Configuration:

Supports 91OCT/95RON to 94OCT/98RON, E30. Unique fuel types and mixtures such as race gas, octane booster, etc. will require a ProTune.


STuned Crackles:

This feature adds crackling/burbling sounds to your exhaust when lifting off the throttle and coasting down in gear. On catless setups there can be flames. The frequency and intensity of the sounds highly depend on your current engine speed during lift off and most importantly: YOUR EXHAUST SETUP. We recommend at least an aftermarket downpipe. 

When crackles are purchased a separate TUNE FILE is sent containing the crackles.

This additional TUNE FILE can be used to Enable/Disable crackles. You must reflash from your original tune to the additional tune and vice versa.

**We have not tested all exhausts for sound quality nor do we have any data on the long-term effects of this feature on the catalytic converter. However, we have found that exhaust gas temperatures have stayed relatively the same and catalytic converter temperatures had no significant increase compared to having no crackles.**

Check out our videos demonstrating STuned Crackles:


Datalog Refinement: 


  1. Enhance performance of your Flash Tune IF AND ONLY IF there is leeway or headroom, OR make adjustments based on datalogs to ensure your car operates safely with your local fuel and particular environment using a SINGLE tune iteration.
  2. To report if there are any issues and make suggestions on how to correct them (swapping parts, repairing leaks, changing fuel)
  3. If your car is running optimally on your local fuel or particular environment, you will receive a full report on its performance.


For more information click here


Datalog Refinement Update: 

This allows us to import any changes based of a previous Datalog Refinement to your new updated tune. Please ensure to enter the correct order number associated with the Datalog Refinement that you want your updated tune to be based off of.


Misc. Features:

Flat Foot Shifting: Flat Foot Shifting, also referred to as “No Lift Shift”, enables drivers of manual transmission cars to keep the accelerator pedal planted during shifts when every MPH or tenth of a second is important.  This feature helps to minimize shift times and keeps boost from falling off between gears.  After the appropriate Flat Foot Shift RPM Limit has been dialed in, the ECU will help to hold RPMs at that level when the clutch is depressed.

Launch Control Settings: Both Manual and DSG cars are able to select one of 6 Launch Control slots which will have pre-determined RPM limits. You may need to experiment with different slots based upon your vehicle configuration.  Factors such as tires, suspension, and how much torque the car makes all come into play when trying to get off the line most efficiently. Launch Control also features a Load Offset for use when a bit more power may be necessary off the line.  For example, when using a drag radial on a prepped surface a car may be more prone to bogging during a launch.  Increasing the Load Offset allows some adjustment for dialing in power on tap.  The adjustment range for this feature is between 0% and 100%.

Fault Code Adjustments: We can adjust any check engine lights which may arrise from modifications.

Rev Limiter Change: Limit how high your car can rev for any RPM of your choice. Specifics will be asked in the tuning form after you place an order.

Brake Boost: This allows the brakes to be applied at the same time throttle is applied. This allows the user to build boost without accelerating; perfect for roll races!   










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