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2007-2013 Mazdaspeed3 Custom Tune


I have been working with Mike from Stratified since late Feburary on 2 different tunes. The first tune was a 91 octane custom tune, the second an e-85 tune. Let me begin with my mod list, cxracing fmic, autotech hpfp internals, UR turbo back catless exhaust, CS SRI, NGK 1 step colder plugs, Cobb AP V2, Synapsis BPV and JBR RMM.

My car always felt fast but was never really smooth, always felt "Raw." Mike changed that immediately. The idle improved and the power delivery was more consistent. Through the process Mike took my car from a beast from 3000-5000 rpms to a freight train that just keeps pulling. It never seems to falter, constantly pulling all the way to redline. Torque is abundant and willing the break the tires loose, my sticky Michelin PSS, in 1-3 gears.

What is so great about what Mike did was how much smoother he made the car all around. Before,if not driven perfectly it was like being in a rodeo, now the throttle in more forgiving and less temperamental. During the process we had 2 issues come up, a boost leak and somewhat of a misfire. The first, Mike noticed something in one of the logs and immediately diagnosed the problem, leaking bpv. He suggested the Synapsis BPV and arranged it getting sent through Stratified at a great price. Problem, solved. The second issue occurred during a trip. I told Mike the symptoms and sent him a log, boom suggested I pull the plugs and inspect. Problem solved, drove through rain storm water made it past cylinder 1 coil. Problem solved.

While the tune was great and worth the $ alone, the knowledge Mike passed on was worth even more. I don't frequent the forums often, there is ALOT of bad info on there, so it was refreshing being able to get a straight forward, correct answer. He gave advice on future mods, helped correct drive-ability issues, and explained what I should look for in the future to monitor my vehicle performance. He would make changes to the maps and requests logs. I would send the logs back and with in a day or so, sometimes a few hours he would have the new map sent and the process would continue.

I am extremely satisfied with this purchase and will be continuing my tuning experience with meth and a BT, via Mike.
Date Added: 05/17/2015 by Terrence millner