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STRATIFIED Flash Tune - Focus ST


I would suggest stratified to anyone looking for an amazing tune. Even though it is an etune the tuner assigned to you takes a serious personal interest. I got my tune within a few hours and even after that any questions I sent or adjustment I needed the tuner would make them and send me the new map within an hour or two. The tuner also had helpful suggestions and was really knowledgeable. I can not believe the fast response and amazing service. And that's all before I talk about the tune! Coming from stage 1 cobb tune right from accessport v300 93 Oct I thought the stratified tune would be minor upgrade since I needed something to support my catless downpipe so figured I use this. But it was beyond what I thought it would do. Stratified tune is more powerful, smoother, etc. Shifting now is extremely smooth the rpm drop is perfect, turbo spools instantly, engine response is better. Plus launch control is awesome. The ability to switch tunes while driving is another great feature so if I am on parkway can run Eco then if someone pulls up can switch on fly. I also never used a car with flat foot shifting and it's pretty damn cool I was nervous at first but now doing hard pulls can't do without it.thanks again and will come back for future tuning needs.
Date Added: 10/22/2014 by Rod Mauceri