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Garrett ATP Big Turbo Kit - WITH CUSTOM TUNE

$2,295.00USD  $1,995.00USD
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Once I loaded the Cobb AP stage 1 OTS map the modding bug bit hard! From that point things escalated to stage 3 very quickly. I then needed more but didn’t know what to do to get more power. From all my research it became clear that the safest way was to go the BT (Big Turbo) route.

I then searched the net and forums and emailed lots of tuners to get advice. I also had to find the right tuner to tune this BT setup!
From everything I read Alex of Stratified was the obvious choice. I had also judged the situation myself and it must be noted that I had been bugging Alex with questions long before I decided to do this. Alex and Alejandro were very helpful and every email I sent through received proper responses. These guys are very helpful whether you are a customer or not.

So I decided to get the ATP GTX2867R package through Stratified which was definitely cost effective. The shipping to South Africa was also very reasonable!
Once the tuning process started I noticed that Alex is very professional and only tunes the car for safety and reliability. The tune was dialled in quite quickly and if there were any delays the tuning time was always extended. With every iteration the car got more powerful and more responsive. Lag is minimal and almost negligible when compared to the stock car. The car is making some 335whp on pump fuel seeing that our pump fuel is equivalent to 91 octane in the US and sometimes worse. Nevertheless 335whp still packs a punch! The torque curve is pretty flat making the car pull like a freight train all the way to redline!

I definitely recommend Alex and Stratified Automotive Controls as you know you will be getting a professional service done. I wish to work with Alex again for a higher octane race map soon!

Julian (South Africa)
Date Added: 11/29/2014 by Julian Naicker