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Fiesta ST Stratified Custom Tune


Just got through a tuning cycle with Alex after purchasing the x47 hybrid turbo upgrade from Stratified. I'm beyond speechless at this point, the car feels and drives like a totally different machine, and I mean that in a very good way. Not only was he very descriptive of the process involved, but also extremely patient with the somewhat erratic sending of logs due to my work schedule.

The revisions do take a little time to come back to you 1-2 weeks at most, however what you're getting with that time is the peace of mind that everything is reviewed and revised properly for your car and your needs. The tunes start conservatively to verify you have your car in proper order and the fuel you're getting is top notch, however once all of that is verified it's off to the races! You will steadily and noticeably see the increase in power in your logs, and definitely feel it in the car. I had no issues with communication with Alex at all and he answered all of my silly and not so silly questions throughout the process.

Lastly the level of customer service is off the charts here, I've had dealings with a few other vendors previously and have either been turned off by poor or mediocre service. You won't get any of that here with Stratified, every level from sales on through is outstanding in their performance and execution. As I told Alex in my email while we wrapped up the tune, as long as I'm driving a supported platform they have a customer for life.
Date Added: 02/01/2018 by Nathan Gurley