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2007-2013 BMW N54/N55 Stratified Pro Tune

2007-2013 BMW N54/N55 Stratified Pro Tune

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The Most Comprehensive Tuning Experience


At Stratified we pride ourselves in offering our customers the most complete tuning experience. We hold paramount in providing the most robust tunes in the market while adding a touch of unique personality to each client’s calibration. 

With an engineering background, years of experience tuning direct-injected, turbocharged vehicles, and the help of the COBB AccessPort, we are able to offer a comprehensive tuning service for your BMW that ensures performance, driveability, and safety.

The N54/N55 engines that BMW has developed are very responsive to tuning and the straight six is a BMW hallmark. The motors are turbocharged and use an advanced direct injection system and torque management strategy. The control system to make all this work is both powerful and complex with massive capabilities. Most owners can extract massive performance gains even from engines with stock parts or mild modifications.

One of the great aspects of modern vehicles with the N54/N55 is that, unlike in the old days, you don't need to take the car to the dyno to tune it. It comes with a stock wideband sensor, very sensitive knock sensors, and high-resolution logging of all the engine parameters. This allows us to not only make changes to the tune - but to actually see how the car behaves in the environment that it is driven in! Having data available from the road coupled with our experience on the dyno and on our own development vehicle gives us a perfect picture of how your BMW performs as we progress through the tuning process.

  • Supports 2007-2013 N54/N55
  • Designed to maximize performance safely and reliably 
  • Smooth and predictable throttle modulation
  • Built-in reactive boost control that adapts to your environment
  • Excellent transient response in all conditions
  • Enhanced driving dynamics and exceptional drivability
  • Customized for every performance modification on your car
  • Preferences set to your liking with a selection of options and features


The Numbers


Stock Turbo:

The figure below displays the dyno results from an N54 335i running the stock turbo and stock components with 91 Octane:



The Details


What you get as part of the tuning package:

  • A one-on-one Professional Tuner with hundreds if not thousands of hours of experience on the N54/N55 engine and platform whom you can contact via e-mail or phone.
  • A tune that is refined specifically for your car, your modifications, your gas quality, and your goals. 
  • You and the tuner share maps, and data logs, and you tell your tuner how you'd like the car to drive, address issues of concern, and work toward your power, safety, and driveability goals.
  • The tuner will send you new maps that you flash on the vehicle and then send datalogs as well as feedback on how the car drives and runs.
  • Remember that your tuner has a lot of experience so if something doesn't look right or if issues pop up, they will be able to pick these out and alert you as well as offer possible solutions.
  • Your tuner can also recommend parts and modifications that will help you achieve your desired goals if changes need to be made to your car's current setup. We can supply pretty much any parts for the vehicles we support and tune.

This process goes on until you or the tuner are satisfied with the results. A standard stock turbo tune usually involves 4-6 iterations but this can vary from car to car. Each option you add (secondary maps, big turbos) adds to the number of iterations. Our goal is to respond to your datalogs/questions within 2-5 business days. Sometimes we get very busy (and you may get busy) so we have a 6 month period for completing the tune removing the stress in case you need to take a break, something needs fixing, or your tuner is away for a few days. We are driven and passionate about achieving excellent results for your tune. Due to this every map iteration during the tuning process will be carefully built to be driveable and safe while building up to the final product. If there is an emergency or an unexpected result that needs immediate attention, contact us through our online form for a more immediate response.

Part changes during the tuning process: Your car should have all the parts installed and working well before starting the tune. Sometimes, during the tuning process, you will need to change a part that affects the tune and requires some backtracking. If a part that affects tuning is changed, there is a top-up tune charge.


Any further questions - please feel free to Contact Us. Please remember to check your email for the online Tuning Form after you have purchased the tune. This document tells you how to take required datalogs and the tuning form inside the document must be completed prior to starting the tune itself.








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