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Stratified Dyno Day Tune (2hrs)

Stratified Dyno Day Tune (2hrs)

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This is the Stratified November HI Dyno Day Tune Package (Nov. 10-12)

This includes 2 hrs on the dyno plus the tune for your car. Strap down and strap off is part of the 2 hrs.

Requirements - Please read carefully!

- You will be given a day that your car will be getting dyno tuned. You will know where in the order of cars you will be that day. It is your responsibility to be there when the car before you gets taken off the dyno. If you are not there, the next car in line will be strapped down. If you do not show up for the day, and there are no additional dyno slots available during the 3 days you forfeit the dyno time and you will be getting an e-tune instead of a dyno tune.

- As we have pre-booked the trip and dyno, there are no refunds for any reason. If you can't make the dyno day for any reason, you will be getting an e-tune instead.

- The car MUST be in good working condition with no fluid or air leaks. We will send you a base tune before the dyno day once you purchase this package to make sure everything is in working order. Any mechanical issues should be fixed BEFORE coming to your dyno tune appointment. Cars with leaks will not be allowed on the dyno as per the dyno operators request.

- You must bring your Accessport to the dyno. The car can't be tuned without your COBB AP.

- If the dyno tuning time exceeds 2hrs, additional time must be purchased here 1hr at a time. It is $150 for an additional hour. 

- If you are tuning for multiple fuels, you must bring both fuels to the dyno so the fuel can be put in the car or mixed at the dyno without unstrapping the car.

Looking forward to the dyno day where we will make some jam!

The Stratified Team 


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