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MK7/.5 GTI, TSI, GLI, A3 COBB AP w/ Stratified FlashTune

MK7/.5 GTI, TSI, GLI, A3 COBB AP w/ Stratified FlashTune

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Make my E30 tune full E85?

Spark Based Stratified Tuned Traction Control

Further tuning using data collected from your car:

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This product is compatible with the following platforms:

  • VW GTI: 2014-2021
  • VW GLI: 2019-2021 Jetta (A7)
  • Audi A3: 2015-2020 Audi (8V)
  • VW TSI: 2015-2020 Golf, Sportwagen, Alltrack

How The Tuning Process Works:

  1. You will be contacted within 24-48 business hours by us via email after purchasing the tune.
  2. Once contacted, you will be asked to complete an online tuning form where you will fill out your modifications, the fuel you use, and options such as launch control.
  3. After submitting the tuning form you will receive your Customized Stratified Flash Tune via email. We aim to send out tunes within a 48-hour time window however, during the busy seasons it can take up to 5 business days.


Stock to Fully Bolted with OEM Fueling and OEM Turbo


The Ultimate Tuning Experience


At Stratified we pride ourselves in offering our customers the most complete tuning experience. We hold paramount the principle of providing the most robust tunes in the market while adding a touch of unique personality to each client’s calibration. 

With an engineering background, years of experience tuning direct-injected, turbocharged vehicles, and the help of the COBB AccessPort, we are able to offer a comprehensive tuning service for your GTI that ensures performance, driveability, and safety.

  • Compatible with both OEM & aftermarket DSG calibrations
  • Designed to maximize performance safely and reliably 
  • Smooth and predictable throttle modulation
  • Built-in reactive boost control that adapts to your environment
  • Excellent transient response in all conditions
  • Enhanced driving dynamics and exceptional drivability
  • Customized for every performance modification on your car
  • Preferences set to your liking with a selection of options and features


The Numbers

Stock Turbo:

The figure below displays the dyno results from a Mk.7 GTI running the stock turbo with Drop-In high-flow air filter and Catback exhaust on 93 Octane. More power can be achieved with more modifications and better fuel.

The Options

Fuel Configuration:

Supports 91OCT/95RON to 94OCT/98RON, E30 (**E30 tunes generate enough torque that an upgraded clutch is needed for manual cars and a DSG tune is recommended for Automatic vehicles.**).

2019+ Cars that have the octane rating of 87 octane now support an 87-octane specific flash tune. This tune also includes a datalog review to ensure the car is running safely and optimally. The 87-octane tune applies to 2019+ cars only.

Unique fuel types and mixtures such as race gas, octane booster, etc. will require a ProTune.

STuned Crackles:

This feature adds crackling/burbling sounds to your exhaust when lifting off the throttle and coasting down in gear. You will be able to specify whether you want crackles in all drive modes or just in Sport mode in the tuning form we send you after purchasing the tune. The frequency and intensity of the sounds highly depend on your current engine speed during lift-off and most importantly: YOUR EXHAUST SETUP.

** We have not tested all exhausts for sound quality. During testing, we found that exhaust gas temperatures have stayed relatively the same and catalytic converter temperatures had no significant increase compared to having no crackles. However, the exhaust as a whole does experience higher intensity sound/pressure waves.**


Datalog Refinement: 


  1. Enhance the performance of your Flash Tune IF AND ONLY IF there is leeway or headroom, OR make adjustments based on datalogs to ensure your car operates safely with your local fuel and particular environment using a SINGLE tune iteration.
  2. To report if there are any issues and make suggestions on how to correct them (swapping parts, repairing leaks, changing fuel)
  3. If your car runs optimally on your local fuel or a particular environment, you will receive a full report on its performance.


Misc. Features:

Flat Foot Shifting: Flat Foot Shifting, also referred to as “No Lift Shift”, enables drivers of manual transmission cars to keep the accelerator pedal planted during shifts when every MPH or tenth of a second is important.  This feature helps to minimize shift times and keeps boost from falling off between gears.  After the appropriate Flat Foot Shift RPM Limit has been dialed in, the ECU will help to hold RPMs at that level when the clutch is depressed.

Launch Control Settings: Both Manual and DSG cars are able to select one of 6 Launch Control slots which will have pre-determined RPM limits. The minimum LC RPM limit is 4000 RPM. You may need to experiment with different slots based on your vehicle configuration.  Factors such as tires, suspension, and how much torque the car makes all come into play when trying to get off the line most efficiently. Launch Control also features a Load Offset for use when a bit more power may be necessary off the line.  For example, when using a drag radial on a prepped surface a car may be more prone to bogging during a launch.  Increasing the Load Offset allows some adjustment for dialing in power on tap.  The adjustment range for this feature is between 0% and 100%.

Fault Code Adjustments: We can adjust any non-emissions related check engine light codes that may arise from modifications.

Brake Boost: This allows the brakes to be applied at the same time throttle is applied. This allows the user to build boost without accelerating; perfect for roll races! This feature disables the safety mechanism that prevents you from depressing both the accelerator and brake pedal simultaneously.

STuned Traction Control: 

Can be enabled/disabled using the Accessport menu. The intensity (or mode) of the traction control can be customized to your liking using your Accessport. KEEP IN MIND THE SYSTEM WILL REVERT BACK TO 'OPTIMAL' MODE 1 EVERY TIME YOU START YOUR CAR.

The guys and gals at COBB have implemented an ignition retard traction control system. The OEM traction control works based on applying the brakes and closing the throttle. The COBB system works by reducing output via ignition timing reduction when wheel slip is detected. It is a slick system and it works all the time while enabled on a tune. More about it here.

The Details

The Stratified Flash Tune is THE tune for your stock turbo Mk.7 GTI / A7 GLI / Audi A3. These maps are designed and extensively tested to employ our latest tuning strategies that we have spent countless hours refining. We have built-in features that ensure engine safety, performance, and excellent drivability. Your Stratified Flash Tune is customized based on your modifications, fuel, and setup preferences. Modifications such as Upgraded Intercoolers, Intakes, Downpipes, and Cat-Back exhausts all determine how the tune is set up. We recommend these tunes for all setups from a 100% stock GTI / GLI / A3 to one with full bolt-ons.

Is E85 good for my TSI motor?

As long as the E85 and pump gas mixture is kept at or below E30 it is perfectly safe to run blended fuels in the TSI. We recommend reading our FAQ or our write-up on The Benefits of E85 for more information. 

What do I need in order to run E30? 

These maps are safe to run on an otherwise stock Mk.7 GTI / A7 GLI / Audi A3. That being said, performance will increase as you add modifications such as intercoolers and exhaust. **E30 tunes generate enough torque that an upgraded clutch is needed for manual cars and a DSG tune is recommended for Automatic vehicles.**

Can I run full E85? 

Filling up with ONLY E85 is not recommended and may cause deposits to form on the high-pressure fuel pump as well as overwhelm it. The target is to achieve an E30 mixture by mixing E85 and premium pump fuel. **E30 tunes generate enough torque that an upgraded clutch is needed for manual cars and a DSG tune is recommended for Automatic vehicles.**

Your power output HIGHLY DEPENDS on your fuel quality, environment, and modifications.

Since fuel quality varies in different countries and regions, the Flash Tune is designed to be safe for the majority of vehicles in the market. This means the flash tune can exhibit 5-10% less power than a ProTune with the stock turbo given that your fuel quality and modifications are able to support that extra power in the first place. Many cars actually make 100% of that power with the Flash Tune while running the stock turbo.

If you suspect that the quality of your fuel is subpar or if you think you have more headroom for more power, we recommend choosing the ‘Datalog Refinement’ option as an add-on and this can also be purchased at any time. This allows us to refine your tune with one iteration to either make sure your car is running optimally with your local fuel or increase power if there is headroom. Keep in mind that it is not guaranteed that changes will be made.

ProTune is recommended for individuals who:

  • Have exceptionally good fuel (race gas, 100+ Octane)
  • Operate under extreme conditions (road racing, drag racing, HPDE)
  • Have any Big Turbo kit
  • Have any Big Turbo kit paired with an Auxiliary Fuel System
  • Have a modified or hybrid stock turbo






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  • Nikola F. - May 23, 2019
    I got a stage 1 FlasTune. Power delivery feels much smoother, and the additional pull at higher speeds is night and day vs. stock. There is also a big difference compared to Cobb's pre-loaded stage 1 file. Highly recommend.