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MK7/.5 GTI, TSI, GLI, A3 Stratified DSG Tune Refinement

MK7/.5 GTI, TSI, GLI, A3 Stratified DSG Tune Refinement

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This product is for customers who have ALREADY purchase our DSG/PDK/STronic Transmission Tune and want an update or refinement


  1. You would like the shifting RPMs or schedule changed in any of the drive modes. You have to be able to communicate clearly how you want this changed and potentially provide datalogs as an example. For example: “I would like first gear to shift up 200 RPM later at 35% throttle”
  2. You have changed your turbo or setup and want the transmission to hold gears longer, rev out higher, etc.
  3. You want things changed such as forced upshift/downshift, clamping force, gear display, etc.


  1. Once you order the refinement one of our calibration specialists will get in touch and ask for a detailed description and supporting datalogs of what you’d like changed. Please keep in mind the transmission and tune do have limitations in what they can do.
  2. We will send you an updated tune based on your feedback and ask you to test it.
  3. If the changes have achieved your goals, the process is complete. If further work is needed, you get ONE MORE update based on your feedback. If you require further changes, you will need to purchase this service again.






  • Model: GTI_TSI_GLI_A3_DSG_Ref
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  • Manufactured by: Stratified Automotive Controls


  • Jeff J. - Nov 05, 2023
    Amazing price to be able to get a customized DSG tune. Sent Stratified a spreadsheet showing them my requested shift points and several days later I received my custom tune. Very happy with the results!