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MK7/.5 GTI, TSI, GLI, A3 Stratified DSG Flash

MK7/.5 GTI, TSI, GLI, A3 Stratified DSG Flash

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This product is compatible with the following platforms:

  • VW GTI: 2014-2021
  • VW GLI: 2019-2021 Jetta (A7)
  • Audi A3: 2015-2020 Audi (8V)
  • VW TSI: 2015-2020 Golf, Sportwagen, Alltrack with DSG Transmission
**REQUIRED Copy and Paste your Accessport Info in the box at the top**
This product is the Stratified DSG Flash only. It requires that you have the COBB Accessport with DSG support already installed on your vehicle. If you also need the COBB DSG support, please purchase this from the link below

Stratified DSG Flash:

Our Stratified DSG Flash for the MK7 GTI / A7 GLI / 8V A3 is the result of countless hours of development and seat time. It is designed to achieve the following objectives

- The driveability of the tune-in (D) Drive mode must be seamless as a lot of drivers spend time in this mode. We found the OEM calibration to not be well synchronized and lethargic to respond to driver input. Our calibration allows the transmission to respond to driver input and match engine torque rather than force the driver to adapt to its shifting patterns. The fuel economy is not negatively impacted by the calibration.

- The shifting is designed to be smooth and crisp in all modes when both up and downshifting not to disrupt the chassis or driver.

- The clamping force is increased to prevent slippage under higher power applications.

- The Sport and Manual calibrations are also altered to best match engine torque output and maximize acceleration.

Please ensure that you entered all the above information correctly and accurately. The AP info is especially important. Video on obtaining AP info.

Your Stratified DSG calibration will be sent to you via email.

**If an order needs to be shipped outside of the USA, additional shipping charges will be calculated and added after the purchase.

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  • Roderick I. - Feb 07, 2023
    I have been looking for a DSG flash for the past 5 years and almost lost hope in having a tune created to my driving habits. I’ve worked with Alex and he hit the nail on the head!!! Thank you so much for your determination and commitment to dialing in to what I was looking for! Now I can truly say I enjoy driving my car!!!
  • Xavier S. - Jan 30, 2023
    Strictly basing off Cobb TCU and I can say a great difference is what you will feel. Shifting points are a lot better when reacting to throttle input. Felt a major difference on wot giving me that extra power in higher rpm’s compared to cobb where you feel it die off. Overall happy with the purchase.
  • Ric L. - Dec 14, 2022
    The Stratified DSG tune is a massive improvement over stock, and also a solid improvement over the COBB OTS DSG tune. Unlike OEM tuning, and even the COBB tuning, the Strat DSG tune is never caught hanging in too high a gear with quick throttle movement. The Strat tune is always ready, but doesn't hold too low a gear at light throttle settings. Shifts and gear selection in the more sedate Drive mode, or the Sport mode are very intuitive, and I practically never override the Strat DSG gear selection with manual input. It's simply worlds better than OEM tuning, no comparison. COBB tuning is quite decent, but the Strat DSG tuning provides a much better drive experience, and feels much sorted out. Well done, Stratified.