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STRATIFIED Flash Tune - Focus ST

STRATIFIED Flash Tune - Focus ST

Starting at: $85.00USD

Tuning form emailed to you after purchase for your mod list.

Read Your Choices Carefully!
These features will be set up later in the tuning form:
- Launch Control settings
- Flat Foot Shifitng (FFS) Enable/Disable
- Sound Symposer Enable/Disable
- Active Grill Shutter (AGS) Enable/Disable

WMI Tune (Includes Datalog Refinement)

*** Each TUNE FILE contains UP TO 5 MAP SLOTS; not all may be
used. MAP SLOTS are SWITCHABLE on the fly via AP or cruise ctrl.
TUNE FILES need to be FLASHED. MAP SLOT locations are defined
by selecting the options below ***

Each fuel type below will have a PREDEFINED MAP SLOT:

For E30 tunes ONLY (Includes Datalog Refinement)

High Torque E30 (+15-20 ft/lb)

Each option below will be added to a SPARE MAP SLOT if selected:

5-Way Map Features(SWITCHABLE):

Applies to all MAP SLOTS in a TUNE FILE:

Extra Options(NON-SWITCHABLE):

Choosing crackles will give you an additional TUNE FILE which
allows you to switch between Medium/Loud or Crackles/No Crackles
- Intensity of crackles HIGHLY DEPENDS on exhaust setup
- Recommended: Aftermarket Turboback Exhaust
- NOT Recommended: Stock downpipe WITH stock catback

Applies to all MAP SLOTS in a TUNE FILE. REFLASH to change:

STuned Crackles(NON-SWITCHABLE):

Spark Based Stratified Tuned Traction Control

Throttle calibration. Maximum power not affected:

Further tuning using data collected from your car:

*** Datalog Refinements will adjust your tune for your
specific car. This means the tune may be changed for safety
and/or power based on the data collected in the logs.
Datalogging instructions will be sent via e-mail. ***
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How The Tuning Process Works:

  1. You will be contacted within 24-48 business hours by us via email after purchasing the tune.
  2. Once contacted, you will be asked to complete an online tuning form where you will fill out your modifications, fuel you use, and options such as launch control.
  3. After submitting the tuning form you will receive your Customized Stratified Flash Tune via email. We aim to send out tunes within a 48 hour time window however, during the busy seasons it can take up to 5 business days.



"Elegant" and "Refined" are understatements for how the tune makes the car behave around town. -LMStone510


The Ultimate Tuning Experience


At Stratified we pride ourselves in offering our customers the most complete tuning experience. We hold paramount in providing the most robust tunes in the market while adding a touch of unique personality to each client’s calibration. 

Each Stratified Flash Tune is based upon countless datalogs and hours of development.

  • Designed to maximize performance safely and reliably 
  • Smooth and predictable throttle modulation
  • Built in reactive boost control that adapts to your environment
  • Enhanced driving dynamics and with exceptional drivability
  • Customized for every performance modification on your car
  • Preferences set to your liking from a wide selection of options and features
  • Catered to your driving style with customizable throttle mapping



The Numbers


Depending on your turbo, modifications, and fuel you will see boost ranging from 21.5 - 24.5 psi.


E30 (Ethanol Mixture) and WMI (Water-Methanol Injection):

The graph below presents a comparison between a 92 octane pump gas and an E85 blend, both Stratified tuned on the stock turbo. Gains of 15-20 WHP are expected depending on the quality of the base fuel.

Dyno Comparison of 93 Tune Vs E85 Blend Tune on Ford Focus ST EcoBoost Motor

Stock Turbo:

Stock turbo cars will be limited to the stock turbo's capabilities, fuel quality, and modifications; power output will be between 240-280 WHP for most cars.

The figure below displays an estimate of what power figures you'll see on the Stratified Flash Tune running the stock turbo. These values are rough estimates.



The Options


WMI Tune setup:

All cars MUST be running the stock motor and turbo.

  • Engine internals (pistons, rods, bearings) are the only exceptions.
  • Turbo kits will require a ProTune.
  • Cams, heads, stroker kits, and auxiliary fuel systems will require a ProTune.

*** WMI setups include a Datalog Refinement at no extra charge.


Fuel Configuration (SWITCHABLE):

Unique fuel types and mixtures such as race gas, octane booster, etc. will require a ProTune.

We take advantage of the COBB AP's map switching utility allowing you to select from up to 5 different maps slots using COBB Map Switching. Each TUNE FILE from us contains UP TO 5 MAP SLOTS (not all may be used). MAP SLOTS are SWITCHABLE on the fly using your Accessport or Cruise Control buttons while TUNE FILES need to be FLASHED in the Accessport menu. 

SINGLE FILE - One tune file containing either ONLY pump gas or ONLY E30 mixture.

  • Example: SINGLE FILE: 91 (slot 1) & 93 (slot 2)
Tune 1:
Slot 1 – Performance Map 91
Slot 2 – Performance Map 93
**SPARE MAP SLOTS are RESERVED for 5-Way Map Features

SEPARATE FILES - Two separate tune files; one containing ONLY pump gas and the other ONLY E30 mixture.

  • Example: SEPARATE FILES: 91 (slot 1) & 93 (slot 2) || E30 Mix (slot 1)
Tune 1:
Slot 1 – Performance Map 91
Slot 2 – Performance Map 93
Tune 2:
Slot 1 – Performance Map E30
**SPARE MAP SLOTS are RESERVED for 5-Way Map Features

SINGLE COMBO FILE - One tune file containing BOTH pump gas and E30 mixture.

  • Example: SINGLE COMBO FILE: 91 (slot 1) & 93 (slot 2) & E30 Mix (slot 3)
Tune 1:
Slot 1 – Performance Map 91
Slot 2 – Performance Map 93
Slot 3 – Performance Map E30
**SPARE MAP SLOTS are RESERVED for 5-Way Map Features

5-Way Map Features (SWITCHABLE):

SWITCHABLE on the fly.

These will be applied to the SPARE MAP SLOTS you have remaining on your tune as a result of choosing your specific Fuel Configuration. A summary of your slot configuration will be sent with the tune.

Low Boost Slot: We setup a low power (15 psi) map in a spare map slot for winter/poor conditions/limp home.

Eco Mode: We reduce boost to spring pressure for fuel economy.

Valet Slot: With great power comes great responsibility. In this mode the primary rev limiter is set to 3,000 rpm and limits boost to 10 psi.

Anti-Theft Slot: In this mode the car will start for a second and then very quickly shut off. *** If selected this will always be in the last SPARE MAP SLOT***

Example 1:

  • 5-Way Map Features: Valet + Anti-Theft
  • Fuel configuration: SINGLE COMBO FILE: 91 (slot 1) & 93 (slot 2) & E30 Mix (slot 3)

        Resulting map slot configuration:

Slot 1 – Performance Map 91
Slot 2 – Performance Map 93
Slot 3 – Performance Map E30
Slot 4 – Valet
Slot 5 – Anti-Theft

Example 2:

  • 5-Way Map Features: Valet + Anti-Theft + Low Boost
  • Fuel configuration: SINGLE COMBO FILE: 91 (slot 1) & 93 (slot 2) & E30 Mix (slot 3)

Resulting map slot configuration:

Not enough maps slots. Please contact us about adjusting your selection.


Extra Options (NON-SWITCHABLE):

CANNOT be switched via map slots on the fly. APPLIES FOR ALL MAP SLOTS.

Custom Shift Lights: Currently the shift lights are programmed for optimal fuel economy. This option allows you to either set your shift light to turn on at a certain RPM or you can disable it completely! Specifics will be asked in the tuning form after you place an order.

2nd Gear Torque Limit: Want more traction in 2nd gear? We can limit the torque for you here so that you don't burn through your tires!

Idle RPM Change: We can also change your idle RPM. This is particularly useful if you're running stiffer motor mounts to eliminate unwanted vibration during idle. Specifics will be asked in the tuning form after you place an order.


STuned Crackles (NON-SWITCHABLE):

CANNOT be switched via map slots on the fly. APPLIES FOR ALL MAP SLOTS.

This feature adds crackling/burbling sounds to your exhaust when lifting off the throttle and coasting down in gear. The frequency and intensity of the sounds highly depend on your current engine speed during lift off and most importantly: YOUR EXHAUST SETUP. Medium crackles have a mild intensity. Most people prefer the Loud crackles.

When purchased a separate TUNE FILE is sent containing the crackles.

This additional TUNE FILE can be used to Enable/Disable crackles or switch between crackle intensities. You must reflash from your original tune to the additional tune and vice versa.

** We have not tested all exhausts for sound quality. During testing we have found that exhaust gas temperatures have stayed relatively the same and catalytic converter temperatures had no significant increase compared to having no crackles. However the exhaust as a whole does experience higher intensity sound/pressure waves.**


STuned Traction Control: 

Can be enabled/disabled using the Accessport menu. The intensity (or mode) of the traction control can be customized to your liking using your Accessport. KEEP IN MIND THE SYSTEM WILL REVERT BACK TO 'OPTIMAL' MODE 1 EVERY TIME YOU START YOUR CAR.

The guys and gals at COBB have implemented an ignition retard traction control system. The OEM traction control works based on applying the brakes and closing the throttle. The COBB system works by reducing output via ignition timing reduction when wheel slip is detected. It is a slick system and it works all the time while enabled on a tune. More about it here. 

To further enhance the Stratified driving experience, we have refined this system by making our very own STuned Traction Control calibration. 

  • Allows for the perfect amount of slip allowing the driver to modulate their pedal input without too much intrusion from the ECU
  • Proven to maintain adequate traction while keeping the driving experience exciting
  • Perfect for rainy seasons and clean launches 

Check out our video demonstrating STuned Traction Control:


Throttle Mapping: 

CANNOT be switched via map slots on the fly. APPLIES FOR ALL MAP SLOTS.

Does not affect power. Only affects how your car will react as a result of your accelerator pedal input.

Linear: The classic Stratified feel; Smooth and Predictable.

Aggressive: 'Punchier' feel at the pedal; Smooth and Predictable with a little more kick.


Datalog Refinement: 


  1. Enhance performance of your Flash Tune IF AND ONLY IF there is leeway or headroom, OR make adjustments based on datalogs to ensure your car operates safely with your local fuel and particular environment using a SINGLE tune iteration.
  2. To report if there are any issues and make suggestions on how to correct them (swapping parts, repairing leaks, changing fuel)
  3. If your car is running optimally on your local fuel or particular environment, you will receive a full report on its performance.


For more information click here


Misc. Features: 

To maximize the utility of your Stratified Flash Tune we include several setup preferences to suit your needs. These include:

Flat Foot Shifting: Allows you to shift without lifting off of the accelerator pedal. Specifics will be asked in the tuning form after you place an order.

Launch Control Settings: We can setup different launch control RPMs in Performance Map Slots. Both Fuel Cut and Throttle Cut Launch Control are included and set at the same RPM. Street tire cars have this set up between 2500 and 3500 RPM. Specifics will be asked in the tuning form after you place an order.

Sound Symposer Disable: The Focus ST sound symposer does not work well with aftermarket cat-back exhausts and becomes very noisy so we have an option to shut this off without requiring block off plates. Specifics will be asked in the tuning form after you place an order.

Fault Code Adjustments: We can adjust any non-emissions related check engine light codes which may arrise from modifications.

Active Grill Shutters: To increase airflow through the intercooler resulting in increased cooling we set it such that the active grill shutters are open for more of the time. Specifics will be asked in the tuning form after you place an order.

Check out COBB's video demonstrating some of the features listed above:



The Details


The Stratified Flash Tune is THE tune for your stock/ATP big turbo Focus ST. These maps are designed and extensively tested to employ our latest tuning strategies that we have spent countless hours refining. We have built in features that ensure engine safety, performance, and excellent drivability. Your Stratified Flash Tune is customized based on your modifications, fuel and setup preferences. Modifications such as Front Mount Intercoolers, Intakes, Downpipes, Cat-Back exhausts, and Bypass Valves all determine how the tune is setup. We recommend these tunes for all setups from a 100% stock Focus to one with full bolt-ons.

Big Turbo cars and WMI setups will come with complimentary Datalog Refinements.

Our experience with these setups have allowed us to be able to finalize the tune within a swift timeframe!

Is E85 good for my Ford EcoBoost motor?

As long as the E85 and pump gas mixture is kept below E50 it is perfectly safe to run blended fuels in the Ford EcoBoost. We recommend reading our FAQ or our write up on The Benefits of E85 for more information. 

What do I need in order to run E30? 

These maps are safe to run on an otheriwse stock Ford Focus ST. That being said, performance will increase as you add modifications such as intercoolers, intakes, exhausts, or by-pass valves.

Can I run full E85? 

Filling up with ONLY E85 is not recommended and may cause deposits to form on the high pressure fuel pump. The target is to achieve an E30 mixture by mixing E85 and premium pump fuel.

Your power output HIGHLY DEPENDS on your fuel quality, environment, and modifications.

Since fuel quality varies in different countries and regions, the Flash Tune is designed to be safe for the majority of vehicles in the market. This means the flash tune can exhibit 5-10% less power than a ProTune with the stock turbo given that your fuel quality and modifications are able to support that extra power in the first place. Many cars actually make 100% of that power with the Flash Tune while running the stock turbo.

However, if you suspect that the quality of your fuel is subpar or if you think you have more headroom for more power, we recommend choosing the ‘Datalog Refinement’ option as an add-on. This allows us to refine your tune with one iteration to either make sure your car is running optimally with your local fuel or increase power if there is headroom. Keep in mind that it is not guaranteed that changes will be made. As mentioned above, many cars won't need any adjustment from the base calibration!

ProTune is recommened for individuals who:

  • Have exceptionally good fuel (race gas, 100+ Octane)
  • Operate under extreme condtions (road racing, drag racing, HPDE)
  • Have any Big Turbo kit paired with an Auxiliary Fuel System
  • Have a stock turbo with a modifed or aftermarket wastegate actuator

The Flash Tune ONLY supports:

  • 2013+ Focus ST (Unmodified OEM K03 turbo)
  • Stage 0 (stock) - Stage 3 (fully bolted) on Stock fuel system or with WMI
  • 91OCT/95RON to 94OCT/98RON, E30

Current Version:

The current version (as of Jan 25, 2023) is 10.30. If you purchased your tune before this date you can upgrade here.





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  • Axel P. - Oct 01, 2022
    I've been tuned from Stratified for years now and I'd recommend it to anyone with an ST. Only good things so far.
  • Richard L. - Sep 25, 2022
    I love my stratified tune. I got a 93/91 octane tune fbo no meth or e parts. This tune has made my acceleration so smooth. It also smoothed out my idle from the previous tune I had.
  • Dairrek B. - Dec 21, 2021
    Best flash tune money can buy! These people will take good care of you! Great to see a company that actually cares about their customers thank you for a great experience stratified STAGE 3 tune bb!