Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate

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How to Purchase:

Enter the amount in dollars in which you would like the Gift Cerificate to be worth in the quantity box.

How does it work?:

  1. Upon purchasing a Gift Certificate, it will be put in queue for release/approval.
  2. Upon release/approval, they are immediately added to your Gift Certificate balance.
  3. You can then USE those funds for yourself, OR you can email them to friend(s) via the links provided automatically in the store. You can email as much as you want, to various people, up to the amount they've purchased.
  4. Whoever you email it to will receive a new redemption code and can follow the redemption process, either redeeming via the email link, going to the Gift Certificate FAQ page or redeeming during checkout. The recipient can email the funds again if they wish or use the balance for themselves.







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