Focus ST Stratified Pro Tune

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  • Justin D. - Oct 06, 2023
    I worked with Ke on my ProTune for my 2867r gen 2 turbo setup with a Tial EWG.

    Perfect tune, the car feels amazing and I am very happy with the results. Ke listened to my wants for the car and gave me the support I needed to make the car properly and safely function all while adding the power and boost level I wanted as well. A long with a fantastic tune, came with their crackle tune file as well. The car sounds amazing!

    Ke Xu was a fantastic tuner and helped answer all and any questions that came up.
  • Joshua G. - Mar 24, 2023
    Got my 2017 Focus ST tuned by stratified and I couldn’t fault these guys at all, they know there stuff very well, I love the crackles and pops tune I have now, it sounds awesome. The car drives so good, it actually feels a little bit faster then my previous tune I had with another company. I was hesitant that the tuning process was going to take forever, but the guy I was speaking to had very good customer relations! Couldn’t fault em !!!
  • Travis C. - Mar 20, 2023
    This is my first protune not my first etune and stratified has been amazing. Ke Xu has made that experience very easy and had an incredibly fast response time with any concerns or problems I had. Stratified has made my car come to life and really allows me to get the most out of all my performance mods. Finally on e30 and the etuning process was fun and easy.
  • Jose N. - Jul 05, 2022
    I got a pro tune from them and I love it ! My tuner was fabrice and he was very patient with me and got me through everything, definitely recommend!
  • Joseph R. - Jun 24, 2022
    Customer service was great and I thoroughly enjoyed working together with my tuner on the tuning process. Fabrice listened to all of my input and adjusted the tune accordingly wherever needed. I was running a tune from a different company before and Stratified's beats theirs by a long shot. My car is now running smoother than it ever has and with even better performance than I expected. So glad I could have people as knowledgeable about my car's platform to work with on the tuning process, you guys rock!
  • Max M. - Apr 11, 2022
    Very happy with my car’s performance on my Stratified Pro Tune. I ran Stratified's flash tunes for years with no issues. When I eventually upgraded to a larger BNR 3071 turbo on my Focus ST I chose Stratified again to tune my car. Alex was able to exceed my expectations while providing very professional service. The wait times can be a bit longer than other tuners, but you can rest assured that you will be tuned by the most experienced tuner on the Focus ST platform.

1–6 of 70 items