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Stratified MK6 GTI Performance In Tank Pump

Stratified MK6 GTI Performance In Tank Pump

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The Stratified MK6 GTI low-pressure fuel pump is a drop-in solution for higher horsepower vehicles. The kit is designed to increase the flow rate of fuel beyond what the OEM system can provide. This fuel feeds the high-side fuel system (HPFP) and any additional fuel systems such as the Aux Fuel System.

While every car is a bit different we usually see a low-side fuel pump upgrade as necessary when making beyond 330-350whp. We recommend running an Aux Fuel System in tandem to take advantage of this product as the OEM high-pressure fuel pump and injectors are limited in fuel delivery. We strongly recommend getting a ProTune to dial in the additional fuel.

This kit includes:

- Genuine AEM 340lph fuel pump that is gasoline/E85 safe.

- OEM grade corrugated hose and fuel pump assembly.

- OEM style LPFP bucket controlling fuel sloshing.

- OEM quality level sensor.

- Additional Ground Wire to lower the chance of the OEM fuel controller overheating.

  • 16-18 Guage Positap

  • Ground Wire w/ Ring Terminal

  • M6 Nut

Pump Use Information:

- If dropping this pump in, we strongly recommend tuning the OEM fuel pump controller to best make use of this pump as a plug-and-play solution. This is the first step to ensuring the OEM controller does not overheat. We also recommend using a new fuel filter.

- Beyond a certain flow rate, the OEM fuel pump controller in your car may overheat and shut down. If this happens waiting 5-10 minutes and restarting the car will bring it back online. Every car is different and this overheating point will depend on your car and the amount of fuel flow it requires. 

Here are the steps to mitigate this issue if it comes up. We recommend doing them in this order. We recommend that everyone does step 1, but all the other steps will depend on your particular car and fuel requirements.

1. Ensure the tune is set up for this pump and that you have a new fuel filter.

2. Replace the OEM fuel pump control module with an up-to-date OEM unit (1K0906093J).

3. Upgrade the fuel pump control module with an aftermarket PM4 unit.

The AEM pump in this kit flows 340 litres/hour (84 gallons/hour) at 43psi and can flow enough fuel for beyond 500whp when paired with the correct supporting modifications.

**Installation Instructions**


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